4.0mm x25mm (200 per box)

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'Does exactly what is says on the box!'

Due to the TWO unique patented slots (Above 25mm), the Cutter screw allows screwing closer to the edge of timbers without splitting. Under the head are BOTH ribs and tucks enabling the screw to sit flush and tight without surface damage. With the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole, this really is a screw worth using!

We are able to offer our Cutter screws in a range of different sizes starting from 3.5x16 all the way up to 6.0x180.

We have various packaging options to suit your every need, ranging from boxed products, shatterproof & waterproof plastic tubs, bulk buckets and various end user assortment packs.

1. DISTINCT RIBS & TUCKS self countersinking into all timber and board materials No need to counterbore.

2. RE-INFORCED COLLAR prevents snapping AND gives depth for a wide, deep pozi bit to be inserted, therefore reducing the rish of "cam-out"

3. LUBRICATED, SHARP, WIDE, DEEP THREAD up to 40% reduction in driving resistance therefore less torque required. Quick and easy penetration WITHOUT a pilot hole

4. YELLOW TROPICALIZED giving approximately 20 times improved rust resistance than standard BZP screw.

5. TWO PATENTED SLOTS prevents splitting when screwing close to the edge

6. 25 NEEDLE POINT immediate start


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